Monthly Archives: September 2009

Fair Day Photo Shoots

The Georgia National Fair is a cheerful introduction to fall and an opportunity for fresh and different family/couples photos. If you are interested, or know of anyone else who may be, please contact me for further details. Dates: October 10 and 17

Bitter Sweet

I’ve finished editing the Saint George pictures! One the one hand, it’s so rewarding to have everything done and to see the “fruits of my labor,” but I slightly wish I had more to go through. These were all taken after Sadie declared

Lacking Continuity

Here’s yet another batch from Saint George. I like each of these for different reasons, yet I’m not sure there’s any connecting factor – except they were shot on the same day. I only have a few more to edit from that trip, and

First Taste of Sand

These were taken while we were in Saint George, and there are plenty more to come after this. Sadie was having so much fun playing in the sand, and she was fascinated with how the sand fell through her fingers. And here it is: Sadie’s first

Slow and Not So Steady

I’ve made it through 1/2 of of the photos I took at Saint George Island, and if it were up to me, I’d have edited a lot more by now! But, duty calls, and school has been a bit more hectic this year since I changed subjects. I’m not

A Model Family

While we were at the beach last week, Andy, Susan and the kids (the “other” Mullins) came to visit for a day. I was so excited that they were able to come! Susan is more a sister than a sister-in-law, and she shares my love of photography, so we

Birthday Gifts

I had such an amazing time in Saint George for my birthday. Well, it was a few days after my birthday, but the wait was well worth it! The vacation was David’s birthday gift to me, as we didn’t get a chance to make it to the beach during summer

Sweet Sadie

We’re at the beach, so I can’t wait to go out tonight and get some outdoor shots. Until then…