August 2009

Results from Too Much Fun
These are some of my favorites from Friday night. I’ve realized how beautiful the last few moments of daylight truly are, and I won’t underestimate twilight any longer! I can’t believe I almost decided that it was too late for pictures. Of course, I couldn’t have taken these without my new 50mm f/1.4, so now I’m craving more high aperture lenses.
I have so many favorites that I’ve got to split them into different posts. You’ll be seeing more from this night soon.
Aren’t they one of the cutest families you’ve ever seen?

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Too Much Fun

Stephen and Stacey are two of our closest friends, so I sure wish they lived in Macon rather than Byron. Last night we drove down there and had dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant, and the plan was to take pictures afterwards. But when we made it to their house, it looked a bit dark and like it was going to pour down rain. In fact, I suggested that we just take pictures another day (which made me cry a little inside), but David insisted that we should head over to the park anyway. I’m so glad he did!!! I took over 300 pictures last night, and I’m overjoyed at what I got! I’ll post more soon, but here’s my favorite so far…

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Birth Announcement

No, it’s not for a baby I’ll be having anytime soon. But Emily, my friend who I stayed with for a few days after having HER baby, sent out birth announcements the other day. As soon as I saw another friend’s message on Facebook that she’d received it, I ran to the mailbox to see which picture she chose. It’s one that I posted earlier, and Margot is resting in David’s arms. So sweet!

(The edges are actually curved, but the scanner makes them look black.)
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At a loss…

Since school started, I’ve been at a loss for things to photograph. If it were still summer, I’d just drive straight to Tallahassee to see the other Mullins family. But alas, that’s just not possible. I did take my camera to class the first 2 days of school, and took pictures of the kids as a way to learn their names. Unfortunately, I don’t think even pictures will speed up that process…

Today I was determined to take some photos, so I just walked in and around the house taking random pictures. There wasn’t much I ended up liking except this one. I’ve liked the hardware on our front door since the day we moved in. I have a feeling it’s been on the same door since the house was built in the forties, and I just love how it’s dull and tarnished. I also wonder where the key is that fits the old lock, because we sure don’t have it!
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