Monthly Archives: August 2009

Beautiful Saturday

David and I headed to Atlanta on Saturday to hang out with the family. It was the perfect day to grill out, and the boys had fun playing golf in the yard. Truly, my parents’ yard is more green and flat than most golf courses. Pebble beach is probably

Dogs Smile Too

It’s true. Dogs definitely smile, and here’s my proof.

Soulful Eyes

Whippets are known for having soulful eyes, and Riley is making sure to carry on that characteristic. Of course, Tana also has soulful eyes, but she hasn’t learned the fantastic art of begging just yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time,

Too Much Fun Continued

Here are more of my favorites from Friday. Stephen, Stacey and Sadie are one of the happiest families you’ll ever meet, and it was a joy to spend time photographing them. They’re also going to join David and me and some of our other friends in St.

Results from Too Much Fun

These are some of my favorites from Friday night. I’ve realized how beautiful the last few moments of daylight truly are, and I won’t underestimate twilight any longer! I can’t believe I almost decided that it was too late for pictures. Of

Too Much Fun

Stephen and Stacey are two of our closest friends, so I sure wish they lived in Macon rather than Byron. Last night we drove down there and had dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant, and the plan was to take pictures afterwards. But when we made it to

Birth Announcement

No, it’s not for a baby I’ll be having anytime soon. But Emily, my friend who I stayed with for a few days after having HER baby, sent out birth announcements the other day. As soon as I saw another friend’s message on Facebook that

At a loss…

Since school started, I’ve been at a loss for things to photograph. If it were still summer, I’d just drive straight to Tallahassee to see the other Mullins family. But alas, that’s just not possible. I did take my camera to class the

Dance Party

These are a few more shots from the day Catherine and Claire were baptized. After we ate lunch we headed back to Nene and Abba’s house, and the girls were in such a fun mood! It was too cute when the girls decided to have a dance party, and I was

Photography Withdrawal

It’s already happening.  It hasn’t even been a week since I’ve taken pictures, and I’m already craving the next photo opp.  Please, somebody give me a reason to take pictures!

An Exciting Weekend

Last weekend two of our nieces were baptized! Catherine and Claire were so excited, and both sprung out of the water with huge smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, I didn’t get great pictures of the event, as I didn’t want to take any

Happy Birthday, Katie

Katie and her cousin, Gracie, both turned 8 years old this weekend, so Susan and her (other) sister-in-law drove the girls to Atlanta for breakfast at the American Girl store.  Of course, Susan and I realized this would be a perfect reason to take pictures!

Katie’s 8th

Here’s a taste of what’s to come. I’ll post more tomorrow.

And even more…

This should be my last batch of pics from my visit with the Walker family. I’m including one of their dog, Murphy, because he was left out of the other posts. I don’t think the picture is all that special, but it wouldn’t be fair to leave

More Margot

Lately I live to take pictures, so I was thrilled when Emily asked me to stay with them for a few days after Margot was born. I also figured that I’d be taking lots of indoor shots, so Margot was a great excuse for me to go ahead and buy the 50mm

Baby Margot

David and I met Bobby and Emily soon after we moved back to Georgia.  Emily and I were in the same Master’s program, and we bonded over our “dislike” of Macon.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that we grew up about 20 minutes