August 2009

Beautiful Saturday
David and I headed to Atlanta on Saturday to hang out with the family. It was the perfect day to grill out, and the boys had fun playing golf in the yard. Truly, my parents’ yard is more green and flat than most golf courses. Pebble beach is probably the best competitor. Too bad mom and dad don’t have more land…
Justin put quite a divot in the grass, but dad seemed to take it well…

This is the waterfall Justin built. He has more talent in his left pinky than I’ll ever have in my whole lifetime!

Justin was our grill master for the evening.

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Dogs Smile Too
It’s true. Dogs definitely smile, and here’s my proof.

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Soulful Eyes
Whippets are known for having soulful eyes, and Riley is making sure to carry on that characteristic. Of course, Tana also has soulful eyes, but she hasn’t learned the fantastic art of begging just yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, though.
Here’s what Riley does every afternoon as soon as we get home from work. He stares…
…and stares!
Until we give in and take him on a walk. Can you tell he’s ready to go?
And they’re off! But Riley likes to have his whole family together, so he looks back longingly at me.

Can you tell a difference in his mood after he’s been on a walk? He’s a happy dog!
He absolutely can’t hold in the joy he’s feeling…

…and neither can Tana!
And even David is a happy boy. The end. :)
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Too Much Fun Continued
Here are more of my favorites from Friday. Stephen, Stacey and Sadie are one of the happiest families you’ll ever meet, and it was a joy to spend time photographing them. They’re also going to join David and me and some of our other friends in St. George Island over Labor Day, so I’m already looking forward to taking more pictures with them.

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