Monthly Archives: June 2009

In delirium

David and I have been up since 3:30 a.m., and I’m running on back-up battery.  It’s about 5:45 here, and David’s already asleep.  I’m about to go to bed too, but I thought I’d post a few photos first.  I’m hoping that I

Continuing education

Each time that I learn something new about photography it also brings the realization of how little I really know.  But as Susan says, photography is about “cultivating” a talent.  Although I’m impatient to know it all (quickly), I’m

Keeping up with the other Mullins

After spending time in Tallahassee, I now have “Mac envy”. Andy and Susan both have MacBook Pros, 17 and 15″ respectively. So of course my MacBook 13″ is looking puny (ignoring the fact that we have a 24″ desktop). We had a

My purpose for blogging

I spent the last four days in Tallahassee with Susan and her family, and we had such a great time together. We even had a few chances to take photos, and we were really pleased with what we got. On the way home to Macon, I decided to focus my blog on my